One woman's heroic journey that puts two notorious con men behind bars. . .an inspiring story of what can be accomplished when one refuses to be a victim. Claudia is the best gumshoe (detective) vigilante I have ever met, an incredible sleuth whose work has inspired me and many others. --Dirk Smillie Sr., Writer, Forbes Magazine. After loosing her life savings in a Ponzi scheme, acclaimed Personal Empowerment specialist Claudia Nelson reveals practical and unique solutions that pack a real wallop in transforming life's challenges into a blessing, demystifying such topics as: How to find the real powerful you by stripping away... who you are not; Why PANN people are more vulnerable to being conned and abused; How your two thought systems work to imprison or free you; How to find, and dig out, the root of any problem rather than snipping away at its leaves, empowering you to transform any challenge into a blessing. Engaging, entertaining and informative. "Rising from Ashes" is also transformative---a How To Guide for anyone who wants to overcome adversity and become all they are capable of becoming. The book gives scientific evidence why her methods work.

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