Written by experts in the field, this important book provides an introduction to current risk assessment practices and procedures and explores the intrinsic complexities, challenges, and controversies associated with analysis of environmental health risks.Environmental Health Risk Assessment for Public Health offers 27 substantial chapters on risk-related topics that include:What Is Risk and Why Study Risk AssessmentThe Risk AssessmentRisk Management ParadigmRisk Assessment and Regulatory Decision-Making in Environmental HealthToxicological Basis of Risk AssessmentThe Application of PBPK Modeling to Risk AssessmentProbabilistic Models to Characterize Aggregate and Cumulative RiskMolecular Basis of Risk AssessmentComparative Risk AssessmentOccupational RiskRadiological Risk AssessmentMicrobial Risk AssessmentChildrens Risk AssessmentLife Cycle RiskEnvironmental Laws and RegulationsPrecautionary PrinciplesRisk Communication

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