Implement next-generation techniques-before disaster strikesand improve operation risk management"The recent global economic crisis has brought home the need for realistic operational risk management as an important element of an organization's survival strategy in turbulent times. In Risk Management in Finance Dr. Tarantino and his coauthors provide an operational risk framework for the twenty-first-century organization by culling the state-of-the-arts knowledge on next-generation techniques in financial risk management to forestall major risk management failures. This book represents a landmark contribution in attempting to create a corporate world that is able to cope with major crisis. The book should be on the must read list for all those interested in reforming corporate governance."Dr. Anwar Shah, Lead Economist and Program Leader, Governance, World Bank Institute"As operational risk management advances, interest in process-centered risk management has grown. This timely book presents a valuable overview of leading-edge theory and practice."Simon Wills, Executive Director, Operational Riskdata eXchange Association (ORX), the world's largest banking association for sharing operational loss data

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