TO SENOR, Senor the illustrious Don John Montfort. Honoured Senor and Brother: - There are several months that I wrote to inform you of the deeply deplored death of my lamented husband, Senor Don Richard Montfort. Your letter of condolation and advice was balm poured upon my bleeding wounds, received before yesterday at the hands of my banker, Don Miguel Pietoso. You are the brother of my adored husband, your words are as if spoken from his casket. You tell me, stay at home, remain in quietness, till these alarms of war are over. Alas! respectable senor, to accomplish this? Havana is since the shocking affair of the Maine in uproar; on each side are threats, are cries, Death to the Americanos! My bewept angel, Don Richard, was in his heart Spanish, by birth American; I see brows black upon me - me, a Castilian! - when I go from my house. Already they speak of to burn the houses of wealthy Americans, to drive forth those dwelling in.

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