The all-time classic robot book—fully revised and updated! Robot Builders Bonanza, Fourth Edition covers the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies in robotics. The projects have been replaced with new designs that emphasize suitability for beginners, expandability, rapid prototyping, ease of construction, and low cost. The new “RBB-BOT” core project is used as a base for demonstrating ideas throughout the book, for anyone needing a bit more guidance and source code. This richly illustrated guide offers everything you need to build amazing robots! New to the Fourth Edition: "RBB-Bot" core project that provides project consistency throughout the book All-new robot construction projects Emphasizes the new open-source microcontroller, Arduino, yet still devotes space to other popular products, such as PIC, Basic STAMP, and LEGO Mindstorms 30% more illustrations to more clearly illustrate the required steps New author blog with...

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