Learn how to design scalable, robust software for cutting-edge communications products???Carrier-grade software must satisfy the stringent quality requirements of network operators whose systems provide mission-critical communications services. This book describes proven carrier-grade software techniques used in flagship products designed by industry leaders such as Lucent, Nortel, and Ericsson.In the age of 24/7, software robustness is a competitive advantage. This authoritative guide for software engineers, managers, and testers of products that face carrier-grade requirements helps you to develop state-of-the-art software that will give you an edge in today???s marketplace.Robust Communications Software: Extreme Availability, Reliability and Scalability for Carrier-Grade Systemsoffers advice on choosing the right technologies for building reliable softwareincorporates real-world examples and design rationales when describing how to construct robust, embedded software for communications systemspresents a comprehensive set of carrier-grade design patterns that help you to meet extreme availability, reliability, scalability, and capacity requirementsgives advice on how to protect against and recover from software faultsdiscusses system installation, operability, maintenance, and on-site debugging

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