They are the notorious swordsmen of New Orleans--infamous by day, dangerous at night, loyal only to each other and the women they love... At ease making life-and-death decisions between breaths, maitre d'armes Nicholas Pasquale proposes marriage to a beautiful and desperate woman who offers comfort to his young charge and tells him the boy needs a mother. It's a challenge he can't resist. Nor can Juliette Armant. Though pledged to the church since infancy, she's been called to save her family in the only way marriage. Once wed, she will claim an ancestral marriage chest--and protect its secret contents from her twin sister, who wants the treasure for herself. Juliette never dreamed such a practical arrangement would explode with desire when a rogue's kiss unleashes the sensual woman within. But someone is determined to stop the wedding and claim the chest, plunging Juliette into a fight to claim a legacy and a love worth any price.

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