The fun, slightly irreverent guide to enjoying, understanding, and joining the festivities.Content includes:A brief biography of the happy couple - of courseRoyal wedding fact sheets featuring in-depth explanations of the customs, rules of etiquette, and history on display during the eventsAn inside look at Westminster Abbey - the building, the history, and the weddingsA lively account of royal weddings of the past - with a score card ranking the ultimate results - including a look at other royal/commoner romances"Where did they go?" Royal honeymoons of the pastA "Know Your Heads of State and Hangers-On" section perfect for figuring out who's at the eventsA guide to planning and holding a street party that will bring back memories from the pastA recipe section with great takes on traditional British fare perfect for a partyRoyal trivia sure to tax the talents of young and old alikeAn "If you're going" guide featuringThe best places to get a glimpse of the revelry in personGreat places to grab a pint or glass of wine and soak in the atmosphereTips on getting around London easily and safely on the big day

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