The Magus, an ancient alchemist, continues to haunt both the sleeping and waking hours of Louise. As she forges ahead in her quest to uncover what they were doing together in an age long past, the sinister events of their traumatic parting are laid bare.A trail of clues, left for her across time, joins the cryptic secrets further divulged by the mysterious ring and ancient manuscript that began her journey while the astonishing truth of who she really is slowly unravels.The mystical Magus gradually unveils The Seven Principles of Alchemy, shattering her understanding of reality as the staggering implications of the magic behind creation are revealed. A far deeper and richer reality than she had ever previously suspected to exist becomes apparent yet, with it, a terror.The thrilling quest for the truth of their alchemy and destined reunion intensifies while the menacing darkness crosses dimensions of time and space to track her down and thwart her once more.What great secret will she and the Magus finally unleash if they manage to reunite and complete what they began?

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