The perfect storm of global economic disasteris now hitting every area of personal finance.Retirement accounts, retiree nest eggs, homeprices, and just about everything else of value arebeing swept away in the chaos. You can eitherpassively try to wait out the storm or take immediateaction to protect yourself, your family, and your future.In Safe Money in Tough Times, Jonathan Pondexplains how to stay afloat while the economysinks. Employing the practical, commonsenseknowledge and wisdom that has made him one ofAmericas most popular personal finance experts,Pond helps you both weather the storm and positionyourself to profit when the economy inevitablyrebounds. He tackles every area of your financial life that is or will soon be affected by theGreat Recession, from investing defensively andselecting the safest investments to strategies forpaying insurance and tuition bills when times aretough. Youll find easy and practical tactics forManaging debtReducing expensesCoping with unemploymentMinimizing complications if yourfinancial institution failsProtecting your retirement savingsMaking informed decisions aboutyour home and mortgageImproving your credit standingPreparing for fi nancial emergenciesAlthough he acknowledges the gravity of oureconomic situation, Pond takes you past the pessimismof todays media commentators and presentsthe crisis as a means for educating yourself,changing bad habits, and eventually enjoyingunexpected profits. With Safe Money in ToughTimes you have what you need to bypass the so-calledexperts and develop your own financialstrategy with confidence.Complete with checklists and worksheets, thisprescient guide provides everything you need totake control of your investments, beat the recession,and develop an all-weather financial andinvestment plan that will last a lifetime.

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