Europe is one of the world's oldest civilizations. But what does it mean to be European today? What place does Europe have in global affairs? How should we analyze its key institutions, system of governance and broader cultural, social and political dynamics? This exhaustive and timely handbook will: explore the transformations that characterize contemporary Europe. investigate how we can best study Europe. consolidate European studies and provide a platform for future study. increase the profile of European studies. The Handbook promotes the increasing diversity of perspectives employed in the study of contemporary Europe and EU integration and is situated within the context of Europe's transformations. It offers balanced coverage of political, social, economic, cultural and institutional dimensions of Europe. It includes chapters by many leading authorities: Beck; Calhoun; della Porta; Offe; Paasi; Rosamond; and Tilly. Multidisciplinary in organization, inclusive in coverage and cutting-edge in scope, the Handbook is a landmark resource for anyone interested in European studies.

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