The challenge: achieve high-level growth on an annual basis.Every sales professional faces it. Mark Cook, a growth leadership consultant for leading performance improvement company O.C. Tanner, called on top sales earners at leading organizations worldwide to discover their secrets for sales success. The results revealed trailblazing strategies for dramatic growth--which can be repeated by salespeople at any level and used to lead sales and support teams in any industry.Sales Blazers explores these eight advanced strategies that Cook observed in Sales Blazersacross the board at Fortune 500 and Inc. 500companies. Pulling from his experience as asales leader in the trenches, Cook reveals howthese sales leaders use each breakthroughstrategy to consistently outperform trendsand their competitioncreating extraordinarygrowth. He outlines the Sales Blazer Method,which encompasses the eight strategiescommon to all top earners. Youll see howeffective sales leaders:He also outlines the Sales Blazer Method, which encompasses the eight strategies common to all top earners. You'll see how effective sales leaders:1. Start with a clean bill of health to increase selling time2. Spark a performance pursuit to influence and motivate3. Get the Express Pass to accelerate relationships and beat the competition4. Play your depth chart to align strengths and engage broader talent5. Activate expectations to reach this quarter's goals6. Coach like a professional to strengthen your advisory role7. Offer RSVP feedback to achieve better results8. Heighten reward potency to increase momentumUsed in concert, these strategies help you prepare more effectively, and improve your ability to lead and achieve goal-shattering results year after year.

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