Mystery, Masochism and the murky world of modelling! Dark-haired Natasha and her friend Kiki leave art college in Scotland and head to London for some excitement. Natasha's Slavic looks lead to an offer from a modelling 'Academy'. Seduced by glamour she meets up with men who prey on the submissive streak in her nature, which she increasingly realises she cannot control. After a traumatic episode in Paris Natasha returns to London. Both girls get involved in a risky escort agency run by a Russian mafioso. Kiki disappears. Natasha returns to Edinburgh, but soon longs for the hand of a dominant master and is persuaded to run off to Prague. She finds herself working in a converted palace, used as a front for an infamous BDSM bordello. Here Natasha's craving for dominance is tested to the limits, and she must find a way to escape this cruel prison.

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