"The number one way to improve your score on the SAT is by improving your vocabulary. Nothing is more important." --Princeton Review. Perspicacious. Ubiquitous. Garrulous. Improvident. Solvent. Benevolent. These are the sorts of words that may befuddle you when you take the SAT. What you need is a book that makes these words fun to learn and easy to remember--and this one does just that. This clever, cogent little volume uses funny, edgy, and even rude rhymes to help you learn--and remember!--more than 500 vocabulary words most commonly found on the SAT. exams. Acquiesce(verb) "ACK-wee-ess" Do you always give in? Then you acquiesce. You never say no; It's just yes, yes, yes, yes. Careful with that--Don't become a doormat. Acquiescing is fine. But not all the time. Remember this: To acquiesce is to say yes. From abase to zenith, this book is all students need to make the grade!

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