Includes Obama's historic acceptance speech from the Democratic National ConventionIn speech after speech, Barack Obama has fired up millions of enthusiastic supporters with his inspiring vision, rousing rhetoric, and charismatic presence His outstanding communication skills gave rise to an unprecedented political movement and fueled Obamas success in becoming the first African American presidential nominee of a major U.S. political party.But inspiring and persuading millions isnt simply a product of innate abilityBarack Obama honed techniques that made him a highly effective speaker before audiences numbering thirty to 200,000. These techniques are vital not only in the political arena, but also for business executives, managers, and leaders from all walks of life.This book is about the art of persuasion, the power of presentation, and the most effective techniques of communication. From building strong arguments and facing tough issues to inspiring a team or workforce to new levels of innovation and productivity, Say It Like Obama gives you the tools you can use to instill positive change at every level of your organization by learning how to:Make a strong first impressionUse body language and voiceEstablish common groundGain trust and confidenceWin hearts and mindsDrive your points homeConvey your vision through imagery and words that resonateBuild to a crescendo and leave a lasting impressionWhether youre a manager, executive, or public speaker, a teacher, business owner, or community leader, Say It Like Obama will provide you with presentation techniques that have inspired and mobilized audiences of every size.

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