Despite the public alarm following several high-profile school shootings that occurred in the United States over the past decade, little is known about the actual incidence and characteristics of school-associated violence. School Violence and Primary Prevention grew out of a recent special issue of the Journal of Primary Prevention, which Thomas W. Miller guest edited. Understanding violence and reducing injury and death associated with violence is now, unfortunately, a major public health concern and is now a major objective of the Healthy People 2010 initiative.School Violence and Primary Prevention covers clinical issues in treating victims of school violence and assessing children with the potential for violence. The editor will also examine the effectiveness of prevention intervention programs and offer larger policy recommendations. The book will look at environmental factors such as cultural issues on behaviors from bullying to mass school shootings. And uniquely, the book will go into topics such as sexual boundaries and body image. In all, this book aims for a theoretical and applied picture of the current state of school violence and prevention.

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