The Schuman 2012 Report on the State of the Union is both a reference and a tool. A reference: bringing together contributions from leading specialists, including an interview with Jean-Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank. This Report proposes a novel analytical framework, so that everyone can form his/her opinion on a series of key questions: The European Union and the Crisis : between doubts and necessity Facing the Economic and Financial Crisis: strategy for growth and employment Europe and the New World (Im)balance A tool: with its thirty original colour maps it brings together essential information. The summary of political Europe: analysis of European elections 2011, calendar of the elections in 2012, political and economic representation of women in Europe, normative production of the Union in 2011, European Opinion in 2011  Europe in Figures: a new series of statistics and maps, covering all major current issues (growth, purchasing power, economic policy, demography, immigration, energy, environment, globalization, European policies, ...). The key to understanding the European dynamic. Under the direction of T. Chopin and M. Foucher, the following people have contributed to this book: J-C. Trichet, J. P. Jouyet, M.Barnier, A. Lamassoure, C.Coelho, J. Bitterlich, J-P. Herteman, W. Martens, J-D. Giuliani, P.Hassner, C. de Boissieu, S.Hill, M.Lemoine, N.Gnesotto, L. Martinez, P. Joannin, S. de Corte, B.Aguilera-Barchet, C. Deloy, P-A. Molina, F. Lirzin, S. Paulo.

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