This book provides a roadmap for achieving sustainable agricultural advance and food security in an era of climate change and global economic melt-down. The contents include a description of the paradigm shift under the leadership of the author, from a green to an ever-green revolution necessary for advancing productivity in perpetuity without ecological harm.Science and Sustainable Food Security shows many methods of linking ecological security with livelihood security, and provides a scientific basis for entering an era of biohappiness based on the sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity. Also, methods of adaptation to the impact of global warming are described. This book will prove invaluable to all interested in sustainable human security and happiness.Sample Chapter(s)Foreword (167 KB)Chapter 1: From Green to an Ever-green Revolution (4,769 KB)Contents: Food Security and Economic Development — How Science is Applied to Solve Problems of Poverty, Drought and FamineScience and Food Security — How Science is Used to Generate Efficient and Optimal Agricultural OutputsFood Security and Ecological Balance — How the Gains of Green Revolution are Impacted by Climate Change, How Science Will be Helpful in Ensuring Sustainable Food Security, Green Revolution to Ever-Green Revolution — A RoadmapReadership: Agricultural scientists, scholars, public policy makers and professionals in the private sector industry

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