Good news about getting older from Scientific American and Scientific American MindThe Scientific American Truth About Your Aging Brain taps into the most current research to unearth secrets about the brain as it ages. Neurologists and psychologists have discovered the brain from ages 35 to 65 is much more elastic and supple than anyone previously realized. Far from disintegrating, the aging brain can continue to develop and adapt in many ways. Happiness increases and, while our short-term memory may not be what it was, we gain better control and develop better neural networks—something that was entirely beyond us when we were younger. Offers new insights on how even an aged brain can repair itself, and the best strategies for keeping your brain healthyShows how aging people can still achieve new levels of intelligence, acquire new skills, perspective, and productivityDispels myths about the aging brain-improvementExplores what we should be aware of and what to expect as our brains matureIn a hopeful but truthful tone, this book helps us understand the good and bad of our aging brains.

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