SCXML: UML State Machine, Finite-state Machine, Markup Language, XML, W3C MMI, Call Control EXtensible Markup Language


High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! SCXML stands for State Chart XML: State Machine Notation for Control Abstraction. It is an XML-based markup language which provides a generic state-machine based execution environment based on Harel statecharts. SCXML is able to describe complex state-machines. For example, it is possible to describe notations such as sub-states, parallel states, synchronization, or concurrency, in SCXML. The objective of this standard is to generify state diagrams notations which are already used in other XML contexts. For example, it is expected that SCXML notations will replace the State machines notations used in the next CCXML 2.0 version (an XML standard designed to provide telephony support to VoiceXML).

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