About the bookAs French Canadians living on a saltwater farm over-looking the rugged Maine coast, the Dupuy men are hardworking fisher-men and the women are strong and resourceful wives and mothers. Jordi Dupuy is set to become a lobster-man like his father and grandfather when World War II erupts and his father heads to the battlefields. In the wake of the war, Jordi leads three generations of men in building a sailboat worthy of all they have lost and all they have left to live for. Jordi grows up with the code of honor passed down to him, choosing to live a life of integrity-even when it means facing a charge of murder.About the authorAfter a career as a management consultant and public speaking coach, Norman G. Gautreau left the business world to pursue his writing career. Today he writes full time, with his wife as a loving, but tough, editor. They live in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Sea Room is his first novel.

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