You can look at something every day and never really see it. Payton Gritas looks at the back of Sean Griswolds head in most of her classes and has for as long as she can remember. Theyve been linked since third grade (Griswold-Gritas; its an alphabetical order thing), but aside form loaning Sean countless number-two pencils, shes never really noticed him.Then Paytons guidance counselor tells her she needs a focus object--something to concentrate her emotions on while she deals with her dads multiple scleorsis. The object is supposed to be inanimate, but Payton chooses Sean Griswolds head. Its much cuter than the atom models or anything else she stares at! As Payton starts stalking--er, focusing on--Seans big blond head, her research quickly grows into something a little less scientific and a lot more crush-like. And once she really gets inside his head, Payton also lets Sean into her guarded heart. But obsessing over Sean wont fix Paytons fear of her dads illness. For that, shell have to focus on herself.

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