Escaping from a Comanche raid that killed their parents, sixteen year old Sam Tollin and his strikingly beautiful thirteen year old sister Sarah, race to Tucson seeking help. Young and inexperienced, they become easy prey of ruthless men. Before they can get to the law or the army, their money is stolen and they are kidnapped and hauled off on a Mexican wagon train to be sold as slaves in Mexico.However one of Sam's and Sarah's captors has made an enemy of Two Foxes, a Comanche warrior. Two Foxes stalks the wagon train seeking revenge on the Mexican. While killing his enemy, Two Foxes helps Sam to escape. Sam can not help Sarah escape and still escape himself. He vows to Sarah that he will return and rescue her. He leaves, filled with his need for vengeance against the Mexicans and to keep his vow to rescue his beloved sister. If he can survive long enough.

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