Education is a universal priority. Currently, it is at a crossroad. In every society it is valued as a major road to produce more productive, more harmonious and healthier citizens. Yet, in every setting there is deep dissatisfaction with the overall performance of education and there are major moves towards reform, sometimes superficial but more often fundamental. These reform processes have had only moderate and very uneven success. Too often they are episodic, reflecting a short-term approach which is frequently changed for the latest enthusiasm or the most recent administration. In Asia and the Pacific countries many systems are in the process of construction or reconstruction. Can we learn from the experiences of others? Given the multiplicity of efforts at reform, and the variety of situations for reform, there may well be lessons we can learn from each others efforts and each others failures and successes. This book features contributions from experienced researchers who have worked in many different settings and bring their own insights to attack this universal problem.

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