If money were about math,none of us would be carrying any debt.The numbers are simple. Whats complicatedis what we do with money. We usemoney to soothe our feelings and buy respect,to show how much we care or howlittle. We dont simply earn, save, andspend money: we flirt with it, crave it, andscorn it; we punish and reward ourselveswith it.Without realizing it, we give moneymeaning it doesnt really havewhatformer psychiatrist and current businesscoach David Krueger calls our moneystory. And in the process of playingout that money story, we often sacrificethe most important things in ourlife: our health, freedom, relationships,and happiness.What is your money story?Do you consistently spend more thanyou have?Do you follow the herd in yourinvestmentseven though you knowthe herd is usually wrong?Have you neglected to save for the future,even when you have the means?Do you feel controlled or shackled by debt?Is your money somehow never enough?Is money, or the lack of it, alwayson your mind?The Secret Language of Money is a guidedtour to the subconscious meanings wegive money, the conflicted ways our braindeals with money, the reasons we tend tomake the same money mistakes over andoverand most importantly, how youcan change all that.A brilliant blend of cutting-edge scienceand real-world application, The SecretLanguage of Money helps you rewriteyour money story and find that elusivebalance of wealth, health, and joy weall seek.

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