A Royal Love-Child Melinda Fortesque has a royal secret. One she has kept from gorgeous Dr Dragan Lovak even though she's given him her heart. But now duty is calling... A Bride in the Bay A virus outbreak on a stranded cruise ship is threatening lives. Lives Doctor Ed Tremayne can save - if he can put his past behind him. With the ship's nurse at his side, he begins to think he can do anything... A Single Dad Seeking a Wife When Eloise Hayden uncovers a devastating truth Inspector Lachlan D'Ancey is torn between his duty to his career, to his only child, and a new-found duty to the woman he's falling in love with. A Very Sexy Playboy! New in town and with a playboy reputation, Oliver Fawkner has caused quite a stir! But Oliver is only interested in getting to know beautiful midwife Chloe MacKinnon...

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