After 23 years of working with award-winning coaches and record-breaking athletes who span multiple sports (NFL, MLB, NHL, Pro Rodeo, NBA, etc.), Dr. Spencer Baron has identified what works "consistently for the amazing." When implementing these "secrets," tremendous results occur for average people like you and me. Dr. Baron will transform your body and mind to generate top performance by getting better, faster, and with greater energy. Your employees and executives will experience the same things! Create greater clarity and focus. Improve efficiency by increasing energy for optimal performance.We help strengthen the strong! With the economy spiraling out of control - the increases in stress, pressure, and tension are cause for greater disease and injury. People are desperate to take matters into their own hands just to survive. There is only one area you can gain power making the right choices to fuel the most critical commodity of life - our ENERGY! Learn the performance secrets of professional athletes so you, too, can impact your daily behavior. "Secrets of the Game" will provide you the physical and emotional heath that is the foundation to any achievement.

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