This book provides an in-depth guide to security in wireless ad hoc and sensor networksSecurity in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks introduces the reader to the fundamentals and key issues related to wireless ad hoc networking, with an emphasis on security. It discusses the security attacks and counter measures in wireless ad hoc, sensor and mesh networks, and briefly presents the standards on related topics. The authors offer a clear exposition of various challenges and solutions in this field including bootstrapping, key distribution and exchange, authentication issues, privacy, anonymity and tamper resilience.Key Features:Introduces the fundamentals and key issues of the new technologies followed by comprehensive presentation on security attacks and counter measuresCovers Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, hardware aspects of secure wireless ad hoc and sensor networks and secure routingContains information on cryptographic primitives and electronic warfareIncludes problems at the end of each chapter to enhance learning.This book is well suited for graduate students in computer, electrical and communications engineering and computer science departments, researchers in academia and industry, as well as C4I engineers and officers in the military. Wireless network designers for internet service providers and mobile communications operators will also find this book very useful.

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