We all have a natural tendency to focus on what we don’t want to happen, rather than on what we do want to happen., All this time and energy spent on worrying about avoiding pain and loss dominates far too many organizations, suppressing employee engagement and crippling growth. To escape this workplace culture-killer companies need their employees to look forward and focus intentionally on what they do want to happen. In Seeing Red Cars, expert trainer and speaker Laura Goodrich draws an enduring metaphor to show managers and their employees how to make the shift. It’s a well-known truism that if you buy a red car, you suddenly start noticing red cars everywhere. By extension, if we make a conscious decision to focus on positive desired outcomes at work (and commit to a plan of conscious practice), we experience dramatically positive effects. The transition to affirmative thinking begins one person at a time and then grows, spreading virally through local teams and...

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