Granny Beamish, newly-invested Grandmistress of the Seers' Guild has more than enough on her plate. For starters, the man who jilted her is back, fifty years on, demanding tea and a second chance at Love. Then there's a reluctant werewolf roaming the countryside, hotly pursued by Killer Calhoun, pitiless Bounty Hunter and stalker of Supernaturals, who collects Skins and enjoys pulling the wings off fairies. Before you can say dog-warden, the Wolf Patrol (a Bartlesham Council Public-Protection Initiative) is on the prowl, and Warg the were-wimp is running scared as that old irresistible moon lures him deeper into the danger-zone. Aided by one ageing mongrel, nine stroppy sheep and a couple of hungry griffons, Granny's up against Killer Calhoun and his murderous check-chain, both hell-bent on the ultimate trophy of Warf's pelt....all this and a late-in-life Proposal she really doesn't need...

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