The Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the National University of Singapore organized a program on “Post-Genome Knowledge Discovery” from January to June 2002. The program focused on the computational and statistical analysis of sequences and genetics, and the mathematical modeling of complex biological interactions, which are critical to the accurate annotation of genomic sequences, the study of the interplay between genes and proteins, and the study of the genetic variability of species. As part of the program, tutorials for graduate students and newcomers to this transdisciplinary area of research were given by experts in these fields.This important volume collects the expanded notes of some of the tutorials that were given during the program. The topics include comparison and alignment of biological sequences, modeling and analysis of biological pathways, data mining and knowledge discovery from biological and clinical data.Contents:Dynamic Programming Strategies for Analyzing Biomolecular Sequences (K-M Chao)The Representation, Comparison, and Prediction of Protein Pathways (J Tillinghast et al.)Gene Network Inference and Biopathway Modeling (S Miyano)Data Mining Techniques (M J Zaki & L Wong)Readership: Graduate students and researchers in knowledge discovery, statistical learning, computer algorithms, computer simulations, molecular biology and genomics who are interested in bioinformatics.

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