Originally published in 1929 by the Rosicrucian Press, "Here, for the first time, is a simple system whereby anyone may determine the fortunate and unfortunate daily, monthly and yearly periods of his life, thereby knowing when to do and when not to do anything that has an important bearing upon the progress of his career or the attainment of self-mastery. No other reference books, almanacs, or charts are necessary there are no complicated mathematical problems. Here is a fascinating, intriguing, astonishing book that will be a companion for many years." Contents Include : The Problem of Mastership Man a Free Agent Cosmic Rhythm and the Cycles of Life The Periods of Earthly Cycles The Simple Periods of Human Life The Complex Yearly Cycle of Human Life With Description of Cycle No. 2 Periods of the Business Cycle With Description of Cycle No. 3 How to Use the Periods of the Cycles The Periods of the Health Cycle With Description of Cycle No. 4 The Cycles of Disease and Sex The Daily Cycle of Significant Hours How to use the Daily Cycle of Seven Periods Description of Daily Periods The Soul Cycle How to Determine the Periods of the Soul Cycle Description of the Periods of the Soul Cycle The Cycles of Reincarnation

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