Originally published individually as paperbacks when Avid eBooks were Chimera Publishing, Selina's Submission & Slave of Darkness are two BDSM stories now brought together in one erotic eBook volume! Selina's Submission 'There are no rules tonight,' said Oliver. 'All you have to do is accept this new discipline.' 'What kind of discipline?' asked Selina, her throat dry. 'It's simply another way of pleasuring you,' said Oliver reassuringly, but there was nothing reassuring about the expression in his eyes. When Oliver Richards wins Summerfield Hall at the gambling table he wins an even greater prize as well - the young and sexually naive Selina Swift. Slowly he and his friends draw her into a world where only her total submission will earn approval. Soon she is enslaved by the shameful dark pleasures Oliver supplies and the bittersweet ecstasy that punishment for failure brings, but will she ever reach the degree of submission Oliver demands? Slave of Darkness When Marianne and Steve inherit Moorhead House, which stands on the brooding Yorkshire moors, it seems the perfect place for her to write her modern version of Wuthering Heights. But the house has a dark secret. In 1826 it was owned by Sir Edward Sharpe, who dominated the household with his darkly perverse desires. Marianne finds herself haunted by the past, where she is totally at Sir Edward's mercy. Initially terrified, she is forced to endure his regime - a regime which soon holds her enthralled. Obsessed by the depravity of the past her ordinary life seems boring and even her writing changes, shocking both Steve and her agent. As Sir Edward tightens his hold on Marianne she becomes enslaved by her terrible obsession, until it threatens to consume her.

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