Its the goal of every salesperson: gettingaccess to senior client executivestheC-Level decision makers responsiblefor approving top-dollar deals. Selling to theC-Suite is the first book that reveals how toland those career-making sales in the wordsof CEOs themselves!With 60 years of combined experience sellingto corporations around the world, NicholasA.C. Read and Stephen J. Bistritz , Ed.D.,conducted in-depth interviews with executive-level decision makers of more than 500organizations. One thing they learned mightsurprise you: leaders at the highest corporatelevels dont avoid sales pitches; in fact, theywelcome themprovided the salespersonapproaches them the right way. Inside thisinvaluable book, CEOs reveal exactly whichsales techniques they find most effective, aswell as those you should avoid.Selling to the C-Suite provides all the insightyou need to:Gain access to executivesEstablish trust and credibilityLeverage relationshipsCreate value at the executive levelIt also reveals when executives personallyenter the buying process and sheds light onwhat role they play.Selling to the C-Suite provides field-testedtechniques to put you well ahead of thecompetition when it comes to making thosemultimillion-dollar sales you never thoughtpossible.

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