Every Sales Person and Entrepreneur knows that selling is the key to success, but most never achieve their potential even after attending numerous trainings and reading dozens of books. Why? Most of the training industry focuses on technique without ever addressing the most important part of the sales process - what the Sales Person is saying to themselves. It doesn't matter how well you implement the concepts and methods if you haven't addressed the beliefs and behaviors that are sabotaging your efforts. "How we think about selling makes all the difference." In Selling With Intention, Sales Expert and Certified Sales Coach Ursula Mentjes shares the expertise she uses to help clients double their sales revenues in as short as two months. Her principles and exercises will help you: Transform the way you think about and interact with your target clients, the sales process, and yourself as a sales person; Develop the mindset, systems, and intentional sales plan you need to significantly increase sales; Let go of the fears and limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your efforts; Move forward with a renewed sense of confidence in solving clients' problems; and Take a quantum leap toward your greatest sales goals.

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