Praise for Senseless Panic What we can do to prevent future meltdowns "Washington had better read this book. Bill Isaac is absolutely on target in his acute analysis of what he rightly calls the ?Senseless Panic of 2008.? He was at the center in preventing what could have been an even worse banking debacle back in the 1980s–but it didn?t happen, thanks to his level–headed leadership. If Washington politicians ignore Isaac?s insights, we will pay a fearful price." —Steve Forbes, Chief Executive Officer, Forbes, Inc. "Bill Isaac has dedicated his life to the public policy arena. He thinks straight, and he talks straight. Washington must read Senseless Panic to learn the lessons of the past and set the course for the future." —Lawrence Kudlow, host of CNBC?s The Kudlow Report "Bill Isaac throws down the gauntlet to Bush, Paulson, Obama, and Geithner. Their fixes and bailouts, he argues persuasively, were wrongheaded and very expensive. Learn from past...

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