It is becoming increasingly important for telecom operators to be able to provide service delivery platforms (SDP) quickly and efficiently in order to improve the time-to-revenue of value-added services. Presenting a rapid architecture solution to meet this challenge, Service Delivery Platforms: Developing and Deploying Converged Multimedia Services supplies a comprehensive overview of the technical aspects of service and content delivery platforms. Leading experts walk you through the entire user experience-including requirements for the user terminal, SDP, networks, and support systems. You'll start by examining content and media in modern networks. Evaluating basic functions and feasibility, you'll learn the fundamental requirements of service delivery platforms and various types of applications and formats. You'll also cover various delivery mechanisms including SRP, WAP, messaging, streaming, and broadcast. The book also:Introduces the Unified Service Model (USM), a holistic approach to creating effective designs for a range of servicesProposes a self-adaptive service provisioning middleware framework (ASPF) that enables seamless omnipresent service provisioning to mobile users Presents a general policy framework for web services, including policy generation, enforcement, publication, negotiation, and evolutionUnveils an SOA-based enterprise application integration platform composed of a basic integration platform, a supported platform, administration tool, and development toolsFrom basic concepts to research grade material, this complete reference considers enabling technologies, security issues, DRM, and the evolving role of SDPs. It includes a comparative study of mobile data service development in the United States, China, and South Korea. Addressing roaming access, billing, standardization, and industry initiatives, it provides the broad-based understanding you need to effectively develop and deploy converged multimedia services.

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