Praise for The Seven Lost Secretsof Success"Buy this book, apply these secrets, and your prosperity will be assured."-Dan McComas, President, Dan McComas Associates,Marketing & Management Consultants"This breakthrough book, based on the ideas of a forgotten genius, will help smart marketers increase their effectiveness a minimum of fivefold."-Bruce David, publisher of Starting Smart"The principles are sound and sensible and guaranteed to help any businessperson make more money. Since 99.9 percent of businesses don't use them, anyone putting the seven lost secrets to work will gain an unbelievable edge over the competition."-Bob Bly, author of eighteen business books, including SellingYour Services"One of the most revealing works ever-I literally couldn't put it down. There are life and business success lessons in each chapter."-Jim Chandler, President, VistaTron"Barton was the messiah of business who helped America pull out of the Great Depression. Now he can help all of us survive the current recession."-Scott Hammaker, CEO, Nashville Party Connection"An excellent guide to better advertising, better promotions, and better marketing. My copywriting abilities and creative strategies have been strengthened and broadened. I'm awed and inspired."-Tina Nokes, owner, A-Plus Resume Service"A passionate book on the timeless, inspiring, perceptive, forceful, and sincere ideas of Bruce Barton-a man nobody really knew, a genius lost in history."-Jim King, CPA, Houston"These proven principles are the foundation upon which to build a prosperous enterprise."-Mark Weisser, CEO, Gulf Coast Security Systems

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