This is a very good history by one who is also the author of several regimental histories of the Great War. Cyril Falls regarded the 7th Division as one of the greatest fighting formations Britain ever sent to war. It landed initially in Zeebrugge in October 1914 as part of a force intended to relieve Antwerp, but almost immediately moved down to Ypres where it joined the main BEF. It fought in many of the major battles on the Western Front before being sent to Italy at the end of 1917 where it saw out the war. There are a number of useful appendices giving order of battle information with all changes in units, commanders and staff. Tables of casualties by units are given in the text for each major battle in which the division was involved; altogether the division suffered 68,000 casualties, among the highest recorded for any division. No list of honours and awards other than VCs. Plenty of sketch maps are very helpful in illustrating the actions being described.

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