The dynamics of transition from laminar to turbulent flows remains to this day a major challenge in theoretical and applied mechanics. The subject is of significance in diverse areas like gas turbines, underwater applications, flow control etc. This volume will contain approximately 100 papers on flow instability, transition to turbulence, flow control, etc., of presentations made during the seventh IUTAM symposium on laminar-turbulent transition, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009. It thus equips the reader with the latest inresearch in this area. For the present volume, the areas of emphasis are: Novel approaches to receptivity analysis and transition modeling, Non-normal effects and global modes, Stability of complex flows, such as non-Newtonian and miscible-interface flows, Transition in simple shear flows and its relation to properties of non-linear dynamical systems, Modern feedback control and design techniques applied to transition, Transition in high-speed flows, Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation of transition, Applied Laminar Flow Control.

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