Undergraduate medical education has moved away from the former didactic style of teaching to one of problem-based learning. The specialty of Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) that includes sexually transmissible infections (STIs) lends itself to the latter; self-directed learning. This is particularly important as time allocated to the specialty in most medical curricula is short, and the student cannot possibly cover all the topics with which he/she is expected to be familiar. Several excellent textbooks on GUM exist, but they mostly follow the traditional format, with emphasis on individual diseases rather than case-scenarios. The books that follow a more syndromic approach do not pose questions to help the student understand how the material presented can be translated into clinical practice. As specialist clinics become more hard-pressed, family medicine practitioners are thus becoming increasingly involved in the management of STIs and there is without doubt now a need for a book specifically designed for problem solving in STI management.

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