Hello, little metal box. Welcome to my world. Sky thinks filming her sixteenth summer for a school project will end up being a lame home video, rated G for everyone. She's wrong. Her video diary is about to record her family coming unglued. Her mom, Barbie, has hired men to secretly build the "basics" to keep the family safe. "Basics," as in bomb shelter. Didn't people stop building those years ago? "I prefer the term fallout shelter," her mom says. Word choice is everything, isn't it?Once the shelter has satisfied Barbie's desperate craving for safety, she turns a blind eye to the fallout as Sky and her twin brother, Will, find dark places inside themselves, giving into their underground temptations. (This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.) Before long, Sky starts to realize that the shelter poses a bigger threat to her family than the world outside ever did. Shelter is anywhere but there.

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