You know how to shop for the perfect pair of heels, the airy apartment, or the smart phone of your dreams.Now, find out how you can apply this shopping know-how to get the guy who's just right for you. After all, that little black dress didn't come marching up to you - and neither will the perfect-fitting relationship. You have to shop for it. So stop waiting and start shopping with this fun, practical guide.Understand the product:Shopping for Mr. Right explains the nature of the man-beast as only a guy could, including everything you need to know about testosterone, the male ego and the surprising ways men open up about their feelings.Don't get beguiled by a trendy but shallow purchase: Find out why shopping for status leads so many women astray, and how to opt for the man who truly pleases you.Shop online: With a plethora of dating sites to choose from, you need a strategy! Learn a simple, realistic way to choose the best dating site and find your dream man on it.Test love by trying love: When you find a good prospect, you need a trial run. Reveal the true colors of your new relationship by completing seven intriguing assignments during the crucial early months.

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