A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes includingsex on holiday, alfresco sex, menage, and multicultural.A Short Cambodian Affair by BlairCarla is an attractive and successful businesswoman, working for an international company based in Paris, but shes having a bad day. Her boyfriend is giving her grief and the company wants her to make a sudden and probably pointless business trip to Cambodia and she is not pleased. Offered a chauffeured car as compensation for making the trip, she finds that having a driver does make things better, perhaps better than she ever imagined.Sea View by Tabitha RayneSeaViewis the story of Louisa, an early riser, on a girls holiday in the sun. While relaxing on a cliff in the morning sun, she is overtaken by lust and a little summer loving ensues...A Hot Night in Venice by Sexton BlackJustin Winchester gets around, seeing himself as an irresistible Lothario. His current mission takes him to Venice where he meets beautiful, proud and sensual Elisabetta di Pietroso. He decides to seduce her and stages his challenge in the historic Palazzo CaSagredo on the Grand Canal. Will the ghosts of La Serenissima help him to succeed?Moondance by Jean Philippe AubourgIn an attempt to recapture the free spirit of her youth, Isabelle takes herhusband Rick to arock festival, but all it seems to do ismake her realise shes now in her thirties and weighed down with responsibilities.But on the final nightthe sound of singing and dancing in the woods wakes her, andwhen she goes to investigateshe finds three young people dancing naked around a fire. And theseare three VERY free-spirited individuals indeed..."KeepingScoreby Elizabeth ColdwellJust how does demure music student, Roxy, find herself penning thescorefor an award-winning porn film? It all starts with a trip to the beautiful city of Amsterdam and a meeting with the very horny Kai Van Der Arend, where the action on screen is only the prelude to some very hot action in Kais houseboat home...

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