SHOTGUNS THEIR HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT. By Major Hugh B. C. Pollard This important work on the Shotgun was first published in London 1923 in limited numbers, and is now a rare find in its first edition. READ COUNTRY BOOKS have now re-published it from the original text incorporating the photographic illustrations and many fascinating gun makers advertisements. One hundred and fifty five pages are divided into eight detailed chapters:- The History of the Shotgun. - The Selection of a Gun. - Game Guns, Wildfowl Guns, and Small Bores. - Repeating, Automatic and Miscellaneous Guns. - The Shotgun Cartridge. - Ballistics. - The Gun-Room, Accessories and Dress, etc. - Shooting. Etc. Also included is a 12 page appendix on Shotgun Data and Tables. The contents are interspersed with numerous vintage photographs and other illustrations of shotguns and equipment. The author was a well known sportsman whose many years of practical experience with guns and their usage have made this book a valuable...

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