Timeless insights from a pioneer in American deer hunting In 1948, Shots at Whitetails was born, a product of Lawrence R. Koller's deer hunting expertise and his well-crafted writing style. The book was republished for the first time in 1970, but has not been reprinted since 1975. This third edition of Shots at Whitetails is the first book in a series of old deer hunting classics that will be offered annually by Krause Publications. Explore the deer hunter's world in this renowned classic! Never-before-seen photos of Larry Koller's New York hunting club and the members who still carry on the camp's rich traditions. New introductions, appreciation, acknowledgement and footnotes by Patrick Durkin, editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. Timeless tips on shooting, tracking, buck fever, still-hunting, deer-camp etiquette and more. Step-by-step instructions for sighting in, minor gunsmithing, tanning hides, scoring your buck, and venison aging and cooking. Insights into hunting terminology, deer-herd management and old deer rifles. Entertaining tales the relive deer hunting and camp life in an era unknown to most of today's hunters.

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