What's Smart Publishing Got to Do with You and Your Book? One Word ... Everything! Publishing is morphing on a daily basis ... If you are a new author, you've got publishing questions. Plenty of them. If you are an already published author, you should have publishing questions. Plenty of them. Show Me About Book Publishing has the answers. The traditional ways and whys of publishing are broken. Fewer deals, lesser advances, more work, reduced royalties and not a lot of fun. Show Me About Book Publishing is all about the new, new way that savvy authors create their book, control its destiny and are financially successful. In Show Me About Book Publishing, sought after publishing consultants, veteran authors and independent publishers Judith Briles, Rick Frishman and John Kremer reveal the whys, how-tos and don'ts in today's authoring and publishing worlds. They will show you how to: Publish Smart, Avoid Costly Mistakes, Create the Right Team for Your Book, Pre-Sell Your Book, Craft a Platform and a Following, Follow a Timeline that Keeps You on Target, Sell Foreign Rights, Design Covers that WOW, Understand the Dollars and Sense of Publishing, and How to Create and Launch Your Book with Pizzazz, Passion and Panache. Should you Traditionally Publish, Self-Publish, Pay-to-Publish, ePublish ... which is right for you and your book? Show Me About Book Publishing has the answers to your publishing questions that you have and those you didn't know existed. Your guides will show you how to survive and thrive in the publishing jungle!

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