In the first work to comprehensively cover this all-important topic, the recognized expert Helmut Vorbr?provides both organic and bioorganic chemists with much new and valuable information for preparative synthesis.Although every organic chemist may be familiar with different aspects of silylation for the protection of functional groups, this book covers the concept of protection while simultaneously silylating-activating various functional groups, such as amides and ureas. This novel methodology opens thus numerous synthetic pathways while effecting the elimination of water in it volatile persilylated form under rather mild reaction conditions, which are often advantageous compared to conventional methods.The compact form and clear structure of this monograph make this a long-awaited ready reference.From the contents:IntroductionTechniques of Preparative Silylations-DesilylationsPreparation and Properties of Siliconoxy-Leaving GroupsReactions of Free and Derivatized Carboxylic Acids and Carbon DioxideReactions of Aldehydes and KetonesReactions of Alcohols, Ethers and EpoxidesReaction of N-O SystemsReactions of S-O and Se-O SystemsCyclizations and Ring EnlargementsBase and Acid-Catalyzed as well as Thermal Eliminations of Trimethylsilanol. Peterson ReactionsFormation of Carbon-Phosphorous Double- and Triple BondsReductions and OxidationsDehydration-Activation as well as Silylation of Inorganic and Organic Salts and Metalorganic CompoundsFormation of Polymers

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