The Latest Silicon-on-Sapphire CMOS Design and Fabrication TechniquesDevelop high-performance SOS-based microsystems. Filled with examples, schematics, and charts, Silicon-on-Sapphire Circuits and Systems covers the latest analog and mixed-signal IC design techniques. Learn how to assemble SOI/SOS circuits and systems, work with an insulated substrate and device models, create miniaturized amplifiers and switches, and build ADCs and DACs. You will also find information on constructing photosensitive circuits and memory chips, deploying integrated biosensors, overcoming noise and power issues, and maximizing efficiency. Discover how to:Extract active and passive device models and parametersDesign single-stage amplifiers, op amps, references, and comparatorsBuild digital processors, data converters, and mixed-mode circuitsDeploy photodetectors in active pixel sensor and imaging arraysOptimize performance, quantum efficiency, and signal-to-noise ratioDevelop current and voltage mode SOS-based biosensorsUse CMOS, monolithic, and digital phase-shift isolation techniques Integrate the latest three-dimensional assemblies and die packages

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