The Singapore Perspectives series is a yearly publication that provides critical analysis of emerging trends and issues Singapore faces in terms of social, economic and political development. It is a quick and essential reference for understanding the broad policy discussions that animate thought leaders, policy-makers and the public in the country during the immediate period or that are likely to do so in the short and medium term.In this volume, contributors look at the short-term challenges that Singapore faces and the policy options open to the nation, and share their insights on Singapore society, politics and economics. Written by an ensemble of authors from a wide spectrum of Singapore society, this volume covers critical issues under the themes such as “One United People”, “One Grace Society” and “One Global City”.Co-published by the think-tank, the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore, this is a useful publication for those with an interest in understanding the governance challenges facing a small, highly globalised economy and nation-state, or those who want a quick feel of the pulse of Singapore.About the ContributorsSample Chapter(s)Foreword (57 KB)Chapter 1: Welcome Remarks (43 KB)Contents: Home.Heart.Horizon:Welcome Remarks (K Y Ong)Keynote Address (H L Lee)One United People:One United People (S L Pek)The Third Phase of Singapore's Multiculturalism (D P S Goh)Why NEWater instead of SEWater: Difficult Policies and Unity for Singaporeans (C Leong)Reasonable Persons of Goodwill: Personal Experiences in Navigating Diversity (A Maniam)One Gracious Society:One Gracious Society (P T Straughan)In Search of Graciousness (T Chong)Living Graciously in Singapore (B Mathiaparanam)Kiasu Monkeys and Chicken Pies (S-L Gan)One Global City:One Global City (A Koh)Beyond Economics for Economic Success (K C Lee)The Future of Singapore as a Global City and its Socio-economic Implications (N Idris)Globalising Singapore: One Global City, Global Production Networks, and the Developmental State (H W-C Yeung)Conclusion:Closing Address: Be Open to All Possibilities (K Y Ong)Closing Remarks (T Koh)Readership: Students, policy-makers, academics and civil society activists.

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